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Our people and the services we provide define our smart home company in Chesterfield, MO. We take pride in delivering a first-class client experience.

Who We Are

The Sound Room in Chesterfield is the premier smart home company, entertainment provider, and systems integrator in Missouri and was named Best Specialty A/V Retailer in the United States by TWICE Magazine. Since 1983 we have served our clients as both a retailer and custom systems installer. Over the years, we have continually expanded product offerings and services as the home entertainment industry has changed.

Our History

The Sound Room was founded in 1983. Here is a brief overview of some of our changes and a look at where we are now for our long-time friends and first-time visitors.

Our Passion

David Young founded The Sound Room in 1983, and grew the company to be renowned in the Midwest for high performance audio. His passion for great sound and video has fueled our growth as the leading provider of home entertainment systems in the Midwest and gained access to the finest products and brands worldwide. From the beginning, David’s focus on the customer experience has set The Sound Room apart.

Even after decades of ever-changing technologies and shifting markets, one consistent theme continues to be prevalent at the heart of The Sound Room; how to foster relationships with our clients and provide a great customer experience. David explains, it can be as simple as answering questions about a client’s new home technology needs, or it can be building trust with our clients so they know we will be there in difficult situations. “We had a client whose system went down during a lightning storm with guests at his house,” recalls David. “We were able to connect to their system remotely while we were on the phone with them and correct the problem quickly.”

A Systems Approach

In 2008, The Sound Room opened an Operations Center in Chesterfield Valley across from Spirit of St. Louis Airport. This facility houses our team of EST’s (Electronic System Technicians), support staff, and warehouse personnel. This added space allows us to pre-assemble, wire, program, and test systems before they are delivered. Using this controlled approach minimizes the time spent in the client’s home. Ultimately this provides a better product and a better experience for the customer.

The Sound Room’s team of experts have created a model of efficiency and reliability to address the concerns of their clients. “As home systems become more complex, the research, design, skills, and processes to build and deliver them become more complex as well. We think our expertise provides our clients with the best systems and experience in the market. We use our scale and resources to deliver unmatched solutions, providing better sound, video and reliability.”

Full Range of Technology

With the 2004 creation of Sound Security ®, The Sound Room now incorporates the complete range of home technology needs with our award-winning AV solutions. In addition to security systems, these services include providing structured cabling and networking, intercom systems, phone systems, and central vacuum systems. “We feel our combined expertise can provide our clients better systems than anyone in the market,” says David. “All aspects of home audio, video, networking and security are becoming more and more integrated. We always believed if we could design these systems from the ground up, our clients would receive greater value.”

Staying Ahead of Trends

The Sound Room has always paid close attention to our target audience. This is especially important since we’re located in St. Louis market, with many large corporations and employees within reach. “We have to be technically more savvy than other dealers,” says David, noting that many clients are already highly knowledgeable when they walk in our door. This means The Sound Room in the Chesterfield, MO, area always tries to stay one step ahead. For example, The Sound Room is the only smart home company that certifies all of its EST’s (electronic system technicians), something many AV consultants do not do. From a service standpoint this means we can pull from a larger staff of qualified technicians to service your system. Employee training in all areas is key, and David notes training is continual, with 40 hours per year the goal for each person.

Commitment to Service

The real key to The Sound Room’s success, however, is dedication to customer service. The commitment to serving clients’ needs begins at the top. In 2007, The Sound Room instituted 24/7 on call service. If your TV goes out during your “big game” party, you have a number to call for help and service. Just like at our beginning in 1983, everything at The Sound Room remains aimed at providing great customer experiences and getting clients to love the world of home entertainment as much as David does. “While growing has been a lot of fun, over the years it put me in the office too much with operations. I now have more time to play with the toys I love,” he says. “Our goal as a company is to make home entertainment systems easy enough for your grandmother to use. I’m more excited now about our future than I have been in the last 25 years!”


  • CEDIA Awards: Best Integrated Home
  • CE Pro Magazine: 20XX CE Pro 100
  • CEDIA Awards: Best Residential System under $250k
  • CE Pro: Best Media Room ($50k -$100K)
  • CEDIA Awards: Best Hidden Installation
  • CEDIA Awards: Best Home Theater under $100k
  • CEDIA Awards: Best Special Project
  • CEDIA Awards: Best Documentation


  • Control 4 Certified Showroom
  • Lutron RadioRA2 Certification
  • Lutron RadioRA3 Certification
  • Lutron Homeworks Certification
  • Lutron Residential Shades Qualification
  • CTS — Certified Technology Specialist
  • THX Certified Integrators
  • Certified Installer
  • CEDIA Certified Installer
  • CEDIA Certified Designer
  • HTA Certified Integrator

Industry Memberships

  • CEDIA Member
  • InfoComm Member
  • CEA Member
  • SIA Member
  • ASID Member
  • NAHB Member
  • HTSA Member
  • HBA Member