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Outdoor TV vs. Indoor TV: What’s the Difference?


Outdoor entertainment is quickly becoming one of the most popular home upgrade considerations. It makes sense. When the weather is nice, there’s no better place to be than outdoors. But you shouldn’t have to choose between fresh air and watching your favorite team play or taking in a movie. For that reason, we see a growing number of people adding home video and audio technology to their patio or pool area.

But before you lay down money on a new television for your outdoor space, you should know that most standard TVs are manufactured for indoor applications. If you’re considering using an indoor TV for your outdoor space, this article explores five things you need to consider first.  

Outdoor TVs are Built to Withstand St. Louis’ Bi-Polar Weather

When it comes to weather, St. Louis has something for everyone. We can experience days of blistering hot temperatures and bright direct sunlight. But we’re also no strangers to sub-freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. Thunderstorms also bring battering rain and relentless winds, sometimes with little to no warning. And sometimes we get to experience it all in the same week!

A traditional indoor TV is not built to withstand all of that. Outdoor TVs, on the other hand, are built to last in the elements, with weatherproof enclosures designed to keep the internal components of the TV safe from weather-related moisture and extreme temperatures.

Outdoor TVs are Designed to Perform in Bright Light

If you have a TV outdoors, you’re probably not dreaming of enjoying it under overcast skies. The whole point of a TV in the yard is to get the best of both worlds—sunshine and entertainment. But sunlight can be a real problem when it comes to viewing a screen. Today’s sophisticated outdoor TVs are designed to adapt brightness and clarity to whatever weather you’re experiencing. Some models have brightness capabilities up to 3 times stronger than what a traditional indoor TV offers, for perfect picture clarity even on the sunniest days.

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Top Home Theater Trends to Watch in 2024

A group of friends watching a large projection of an astronaut on a foreign planet in a modern living room.

Elevate Your Home Cinema with Advanced Technology and Design

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your entertainment this year? In this blog, we'll explore the leading home theater trends emerging in 2024, focusing on what's currently captivating our clients in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest. From groundbreaking advances in video technology to sleek, streamlined designs, we're witnessing a transformative era in home entertainment. Join us as we explore the biggest trends, highlighting how they cater to aesthetic appeal and functional prowess, reshaping how we think about home theaters.

What Are the Best Intelligent Lighting Control Switches?


Transform Your Home with Lutron's Palladiom Keypads 

It's time to move beyond the confines of traditional switches and mobile apps to a more intelligent lighting control solution. Remove wall clutter and streamline your routine with elegant keypads only available in the St. Louis metro area through dedicated Lutron dealers.

The Lutron Palladiom Keypad series represents a quantum leap in lighting control for the modern automated home. Designed for luxury homes, these keypads integrate a century's worth of innovation in lighting technology, offering unparalleled style, functionality, and reliability. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Make Your Home Network Setup Smart Home-Friendly

Two children in school uniforms are using a tablet at a kitchen table with their father, while their mother, standing with a coffee cup, smiles at them.

Enjoy Fast, Reliable, and Robust Connectivity Throughout Your Home

Today's luxury residences feature a wide range of connected devices for entertainment, security, and automation. While an apartment may include dozens, like locks, cameras, and TVs, smart devices in bigger estates could number in the hundreds. Since these depend on the network to function, reliable connectivity becomes ever more important.

No matter the size of your property, you’ll struggle with lagging, slow speeds, and dead zones when integrating smart home solutions using entry-level networks. That's why robust home network setups are the foundation of all our installations—to give our clients in the St. Louis Metro and the surrounding areas the tech-forward lifestyles they desire. 


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