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Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor TVs


As the weather begins to warm up each year, we see a growing number of customers looking into outdoor entertainment components. The television is often the centerpiece of any outdoor entertainment space, and customers have many questions about using TVs outside. In this article, we break down the most frequent questions we get from customers about outdoor TVs and provide clear answers to help you make well-informed product decisions.

Can a regular TV be used for outdoors?

Short term? Yes. Long term? No. Temporarily, an indoor TV will function outdoors. So if it’s a one-time situation in mild temperature and weather conditions and you want to have a TV outdoors for an afternoon, you could technically use any TV. But if you plan to watch television outdoors more frequently or you plan to keep the TV outside full time, you should not use a regular indoor TV. It is not designed to stand up to outdoor conditions and will fail much sooner.

Are outdoor TVs waterproof or just water resistant?

You’ll need to do some research. Some outdoor TVs are designed to be completely waterproof. They could withstand a direct downpour of rain and still function normally. Others are water resistant. They will stand up to wet weather better than your indoor TV, but are not made to withstand constant direct precipitation. Water resistant TVs will work fine under a covered porch, but if your TV will not be covered and protected from rain, you should go with a waterproof model. 

Are outdoor TVs more expensive than indoor TVs?

Typically, outdoor TV models will be more expensive than comparable indoor TVs. Why? It comes down to features. Outdoor TVs feature specialized design and weather-resistance that creates additional expense. But they will also last much longer than a regular indoor TV in an outdoor environment.  

Do I need a special mounting bracket for an outdoor TV?

Yes. Most TV mounts are made of metal. So it’s important to select a TV mount that is rated to stand up to weather, or you will deal with rust and corrosion that will deteriorate the materials and require you to replace the mount. If you’re investing in an outdoor TV, it’s also smart to invest in a mount made for outdoor use.  

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Wired vs. Wireless Outdoor Speakers: Choosing the Best Option


As the weather improves, many people begin considering upgrades to their outdoor living space. Whether you’re spending long evenings on the patio, hosting a barbecue, or simply enjoying music under the stars, outdoor speakers can enhance your outdoor experience.

When it comes to choosing the right outdoor speakers, one of the first questions is whether to go with wired speakers or wireless Bluetooth speakers. This blog addresses the primary differences between the two and helps determine which option might best suit your needs.

Wired Speakers: The Reliable Choice

Wired outdoor speakers connect directly to your audio source using cables. They provide a much more stable and reliable connection, as well as superior audio quality. Here are some of the top considerations for wired speakers:

1.       Stability and Reliability: Wired speakers offer a significantly more stable and reliable connection compared to their wireless Bluetooth counterparts. Since they are physically connected to the audio source, you won't encounter issues such as interference or signal loss.

2.       Sound Quality: Wired speakers often deliver clearer audio without the potential for wireless transmission limitations, including Bluetooth interference. You’ll experience crisp, clear audio quality in your entire outdoor space.

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Outdoor TV vs. Indoor TV: What’s the Difference?


Outdoor entertainment is quickly becoming one of the most popular home upgrade considerations. It makes sense. When the weather is nice, there’s no better place to be than outdoors. But you shouldn’t have to choose between fresh air and watching your favorite team play or taking in a movie. For that reason, we see a growing number of people adding home video and audio technology to their patio or pool area.

But before you lay down money on a new television for your outdoor space, you should know that most standard TVs are manufactured for indoor applications. If you’re considering using an indoor TV for your outdoor space, this article explores five things you need to consider first.  

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