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A Home Theater Designer Provides More than an Entertainment System

A luxurious home theater setup and design featuring comfy seats and a stunning projector and screen.

Experience Your Media in a Brand New Way - Come See for Yourself!

When your home entertainment surpasses your expectations, you’ll feel like you have a secret, immersive space that provides the ultimate getaway for your family and friends! Upgrading your home theater setup can transform how you experience your home media every day, for both small moments and special occasions.

With the help of a professional home theater designer like The Sound Room, you can create the customized cinematic space you’ve envisioned all along. Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of this installation and upgrade and how you can experience a setup for yourself at our upcoming event on November 17th!

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Lessen Your Stress This Holiday Season With Smart Home Security

A man is viewing his home via a home security and surveillance system.

Check in on Your Property at Any Time!

A smart home security system can give you much-needed peace of mind while you’re trying to plan your holiday travels this season! Whether you’re home or away visiting family and friends, being able to check in on your St. Louis, MO property is essential.

Ease your holiday season with an upgraded system that lessens your worries! Keep reading on below to see how these advanced security solutions can benefit your home.

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What Does the Ultimate Smart Home System Entail?

A Control4 interface on a tablet propped up on stacked books showcasing a smart home system’s solutions

Check Out the Top Solutions for Your Smart Home Setup!

The main purpose of a smart home system is to simplify and streamline daily living for your and your entire family - at just the tap of a button! The right smart technologies can transform how you experience your St. Louis area  living spaces. So, which solutions make up the ideal setup?

Keep reading below to learn more about the most popular smart technologies with our clients. 

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A Home Theater System Is a Year-Round Luxury

A luxurious cinema featuring a high-end home theater system and setup.

Make the Most of Your Private Cinema with Your Family & Friends

Unlike other exciting luxuries your family might partake in during specific seasons, such as private boats, motor homes, customized pools, and more during the warmer months, an upgraded entertainment space in your Ballwin, MO, home will serve you each and every day of the year!

A high-end home theater system can elevate your at-home viewing experience and it brings your family and friends together all year round. Keep reading below to find out more.

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