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Is My Living Room Too Small for a Home Entertainment System?

A man and his dog watching a wall-mounted TV in a small media room.

Transform Your Small Space with Cutting-Edge AV Technology

Limited space is a common obstacle when integrating audio-video systems. If you're living in a luxury apartment or townhome, you might think you have to compromise on the quality of your entertainment experience due to these space constraints. This is a common misconception among many of our clients in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest. 

The reality is that with the right expertise and components, you can enjoy a high-performance home entertainment system in the most compact of spaces. The solution lies in a professional installation using cutting-edge technology tailored specifically for smaller living areas. Brands like Sony, McIntosh, and Sonos offer a range of products designed to deliver exceptional performance without taking up too much room.

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With March upon us, that means it’s time for March Madness! That’s right basketball fans, we’ve seen your posts and heard your cries of joy that March Madness is here and in full swing. Who wants to watch basketball on an old, outdated TV when you could experience the game in all its glory on a brand new 4k Ultra HDTV? Well you’ve come to the right place! At The Sound Room, we can help you find a TV that best fits your sports watching needs.

There is no better time to set up a home theater system than for March Madness; if you can’t make it to the game in person the next best thing is watching the game from the comfort of your home on a 4k TV. Here are some features that will make your March Madness viewing experience even more enjoyable:

• 4K Ultra HD TV: 4K offers four times the resolution of today’s 1080p televisions and will enhance your existing HD content for the best viewing experience.
• Projectors: A projector will create a screen size up to 200 inches- that is sixteen and a half feet of magnificent basketball!
• Lighting, acoustics and sound proofing to enhance the way you experience the game.
• A great remote! You deserve it after all.

There’s nothing worse than a system emergency in the middle of the big game, but you can rest easy knowing that we offer on-call technicians and an in-house service department; you won’t even need to put down your basketball brackets.

We have over 30 years of experience helping thousands of satisfied clients put audio and video together in their homes. The Sound Room has received the Excellence in Retailing award as Best Specialty AV Dealer in the US from TWICE magazine; let us help you make your dream home theater a reality, and in time for March Madness!

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