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What’s the Difference between a Media Room & Home Theater Design?

A professional home theater design and setup with a large display and extensive seating.

Experience Your Media at Its Best!

Your home entertainment should create a unique and inviting experience for your family and guests - but doing so requires the perfect theatrical environment. For every family movie night, in-depth film analysis, or TV show marathon, you need the ultimate viewing atmosphere that instantly transports you into your media.

So which is best: a media room setup or a home theater design? In this blog, we’ll dive into their differences and which is the right fit for you. Plus, you can experience a truly immersive theater on display in our showroom! Find out more below!

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Work with The Sound Room for Your Next AV Installation

 A media room featuring AV solutions from a professional AV installation.

Our Team Delivers a Top-Tier Media Setup & Experience

How’s your home entertainment experience been of late? Do you feel as though your screens and speakers are just standard, maybe subpar products? Your family deserves more when it comes to your home media experience!

Our team at The Sound Room can bring the best audiovisuals in the industry to your St. Louis, MO, home with one hassle-free AV installation. From start to finish, we’ve got you covered! We’ve been the local experts for media rooms and home theaters since 1983. 

Keep reading below to learn more about what a professional AV setup can do for you and how we can help.

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Experience Multi-Room Audio Throughout Your Entire Home

Two people dancing to music via a multi-room audio system.

Tap a Button, and Fill Your Space with Music and Media!

Elevate your living spaces with your favorite media playing throughout every room and all across your whole Town & Country, MO home. With multi-room audio, you can fill your home with music and much more at just the tap of a button on a tablet or smartphone. 

And if you’re moving into a new home with an audio system in place already, then it’s more than likely in need of a professional upgrade, so you can properly enjoy distributed media with zero hassle.

Find out more about this solution and our services by reading on below!

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What Does a Custom Home Theater Entail?

A custom home theater setting with comfy seats and a large screen.

Experience Your Favorite Media in the Highest Quality & Comfort

Sitting down to watch a film or TV show with friends and family shouldn’t be just a standard event - not when you can make it rival a cinematic experience you’d find at the local theater! With the right AV solutions and features in place, you can upgrade your home entertainment to match your preferences and surpass expectations.

So what technologies and components go into a custom home theater? Keep reading below to find out what this cinematic setup entails!

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Is Whole-Home Audio the Right Choice for You?

Wall-mounted touchpad in the hallway outside a bedroom shows Lady Gaga’s Shadow playing in the whole home audio system.

Explore the Benefits of a Professionally Installed Sound System

Over the years, we've noticed a few of our services are most popular with our clients: security, lighting and whole-home audio, usually ranking among the top three. 

Security is vital as there's nothing more important than feeling safe in your home. Lighting is likely the most used technology in your house–you may just not notice it. But how does multi-room audio make the cut? 

Music is like pizza; everybody loves it! But you don’t want audio technology that makes it easy to play music anywhere but clutters up your space. Check out why it's a must-have addition to your St. Charles, MO, home.

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Top Benefits of a Control4 System

A Control4 system’s touchscreen tablet displaying the system’s many features and solutions.

Upgrade Your Daily Lifestyle with Seamless Integration

Smart home automation is meant to simplify your everyday lifestyle with a simple press of a button. But a smart home’s performance all depends on its systems and solutions. With the leading brand Control4, you can rest assured that your Town and Country, MO home will serve and surpass your needs on a daily basis.

So what makes a Control4 system stand apart from the rest? Keep reading below to find out more.

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Check Out the Top Benefits of Lutron Motorized Shades

A dining room featuring Lutron motorized shades.

Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics & Safety

Have you considered motorized shades for your Chesterfield, MO, home? Automated shading beautifully transforms your living spaces both in design and function. And with Lutron motorized shades, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most out of your window treatments!

Want to learn more about the benefits of this smart solution? Keep reading below!

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Debunking 3 Common Myths About Outdoor Speakers

A close-up of a Sonance outdoor speaker blending into the landscape.

Learn the facts about outdoor speakers with the experts!

Are you curious about installing outdoor speakers, but horror stories about them make you doubt? Don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll debunk three common misconceptions about these must-have installations so you can keep your peace of mind when adding them to your Chesterfield, MO home.

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Manage Your Whole Home with Voice Control

A man and his dog sitting in their living room with a Josh.ai voice control device near them.

Josh.ai Enhances Your Daily Lifestyle with a Single Phrase!

Managing your entire smart home is as easy as saying a few words! Voice control in your Ballwin, MO, home puts every smart home technology under your command with a single phrase.

Wondering what a voice control system entails and if you can trust one? Josh.ai stands apart from the rest when it comes to security, sophistication, and reliability. Find out more about Josh and its benefits by reading below.

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Gain Peace of Mind with Top-Notch Smart Home Security

A smartphone displaying easily accessible smart home security features.

Whether You’re Home or Away, You Can Rest Assured Your Property Is Safe

Leaving your home for any amount of time can feel nerve-wracking – even if it’s just for work or a day out with friends and family! And when you leave for a vacation, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your property is safe and secure the whole time. Ensure that you return to your St. Charles, MO home exactly as you left it with a smart home security system in place.

At just the tap of a button, you can gain peace of mind over your home’s safety. Protect your property today – learn more by reading on below!

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Bring an Integrated Lutron Lighting Control System to Your Whole Home

A dining table illuminated by a Lutron lighting control system and motorized shades in the windows.

At Just the Tap of a Button, You Can Illuminate Every Area of Your Property

Lighting has the power to transform every living space dramatically or subtly; with a lighting control system, the choice is up to you. And when it comes to home lighting, Lutron is an industry leader. Want to find out more about bringing a Lutron lighting setup to your Saint Charles, MO, property? Keep reading on below.

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Have More Fun in the Sun with Professional Outdoor TV Installation


Make the Most of Your Backyard this Summer

Why limit the summer fun to the indoors? Take your friends and family beyond the backdoor, and enjoy everything your Chesterfield, MO, backyard has to offer. Upgraded outdoor entertainment transforms your yard and patio area into an immersive and impressive viewing space - one that could become the favorite “room” in the house!

But what does this elevated setup entail? An outdoor TV installation is crucial to take outdoor living to new heights – but which TVs can truly deliver that vivid imagery you desire even in the summer sun? Keep reading below to see which displays are the best choice for your outdoor AV system.

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2 Reasons to Love Outdoor Speaker Systems

A backyard setting with seating around a firepit and hidden outdoor speakers circled to reveal them.

The Sound Room Brings Your Favorite Audio to the Backyard

It’s the perfect season to spend more of your free time outside with friends and family. As the weather gets warmer, your outdoor entertainment should heat up too! Take a look below to learn two things we enjoy about outdoor speaker systems for our clients in Town and Country, MO, and the surrounding areas!

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The Sound Room Staff Picks Hot Holiday Gifts for 2021

The Holidays are here again, and we know what you’re thinking: What’s the perfect gift for the home entertainment enthusiast on my list? Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect upgrade to your own home entertainment setup. After all, you’ve been (kinda) good this year, right?

Either way, The Sound Room’s here to help. Our team of expert elves has identified the hottest in-stock items for Christmas 2021, ready for you to take home and deliver the “Wow” factor this holiday season.   

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Just like with your smartphone, things can go awry with apps on Apple TV. Sometimes they lag or stop responding altogether. When this happens, your best option is to simply force close the app.

To force close an app, double-press the TV or Home button swipe left or right to highlight the app and swipe up on the Siri remote touchpad.

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This project began when a longtime retail customer reached out for help after moving in with her aging mother. With a teenage son attending school virtually, her mother’s use of technology for entertainment, and her own desire for high-speed connectivity when working from home, she recognized the bandwidth of their current network wasn’t cutting it. The Sound Room suggested and ultimately implemented a network upgrade in the home, bringing all her existing electronics into the system and making it all work together.

The client was extremely happy with the outcome and asked if we could do the same thing for her business, Heritage Veterinary Hospital in Creve Coeur. The company was getting poor performance from their network and the devices on it. They were preparing to make a serious investment in fiber optic cable upgrade as a result. They brought us in to evaluate the network and determine if there were opportunities to improve performance inside the building.

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Aron Zoellner always wanted a home theater but didn’t know if he would ever have the right space for it. But when he and his wife purchased a new home, they made the decision to renovate the basement and the home theater dream came back into the discussion.

A do-it-yourselfer by nature, Aron’s first thought was to try to tackle the project on his own. With a major in computer animation, a minor in sound design, and a career in computer graphics and visualization, he knew enough to consider the possibility. But realizing the volume of decisions that needed to be made he didn’t want to make one he’d regret. Aron decided that to get the home theater experience he’d always wanted, he needed the expertise of someone who helped clients make decisions like these every day. He turned to the St. Louis AV experts, The Sound Room, for help.

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As home technology has evolved, so have the connectivity expectations of today’s homeowners. That’s why The Sound Room is launching a new construction division to help builders capitalize on the current and future potential of connected home technology.

According to Tony Pratte, Director of Builder Relations, the new division will allow The Sound Room to serve builders with the same agility and adaptivity as other trade contractors.

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If it is Red:

Blinking 2-6 or x8 times? Try power cycling the TV

  1. Disconnect the TV power cord from the mains
  2. Unplug any device connected to the TV
  3. Wait 1 minute and connect the power cord back to the mains
  4. Turn on the TV again

Blinking x7 the TV may have overheated due to insufficient ventilation

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TIP #1

Some Roku Ultra owners have reported that there is no sound to be heard when streaming content.

Potential solutions:

The issue generally seems to be caused by the wrong setting being enabled by default. The audio settings can be found by going to Settings – Audio. If you are using a S/PDIF (optical) cable for audio output to a receiver, try setting the audio mode to Dolby Digital. If you are connected via HDMI to the TV and optical to AVR, change the audio mode to Dolby Digital/DD+

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