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Debunking 3 Common Myths About Outdoor Speakers

A close-up of a Sonance outdoor speaker blending into the landscape.

Learn the facts about outdoor speakers with the experts!

Are you curious about installing outdoor speakers, but horror stories about them make you doubt? Don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll debunk three common misconceptions about these must-have installations so you can keep your peace of mind when adding them to your Chesterfield, MO home.

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Myth 1: You Don’t Need Outdoor Speakers, Just Take Your Regular Speakers Out

If this idea has ever been suggested to you, we are glad you are reading this blog because we are here to tell you this is something you should never do! Outdoor speakers are engineered to withstand the elements and stay as good as new in extreme conditions. Whether they have to deal with rain, dust, salty weather, intense heat or sub-zero temperatures, only a high-quality outdoor speaker will be able to handle it while providing the experience you deserve.

Myth 2: Outdoor Speakers Don’t Last Too Long

It’s a common misconception that outdoor installations aren’t durable, as they have to withstand harsh weather conditions. With Sonance’s outdoor speakers, you can trust that your backyard gatherings will be filled with music and fun for many years, as they are expertly built with only the highest-quality materials.

Myth 3: Outdoor Speaker Installations Will Ruin Your Landscape 

While this is an understandable concern for luxury homeowners, you can rest assured that our experts will only enhance your landscape design by integrating outdoor speakers. Sonance’s installations perfectly blend into their surroundings, letting nature be the center of attention. These speakers also come with ground stakes and mounting knuckles for easy installation, allowing our team to integrate them without being too invasive of your ground areas.


At The Sound Room, we are passionate about helping you enhance your lifestyle with our solutions. Ready to integrate outdoor speakers into your spaces? Contact us today to learn more!

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