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3 Perks of Working with a Lutron Dealer

A home illuminated by Lutron lighting fixtures with Lutron shades halfway down.

Make Your Home More Functional and Attractive with Lutron Products!

Beauty and functionality are the two main elements of enjoying a comfortable and luxurious home. While many smart home technologies can certainly contribute to achieving this, the power of proper lighting and shading solutions is unmatched.

At The Sound Room, we are proud to be a certified Lutron Dealer and to help families in the  St. Louis, MO, Metro area bring more comfort, beauty, and convenience to their spaces. Keep reading this blog to learn how our experts can elevate your residence with Lutron products.

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Keep Your Spaces Aesthetically Pleasing

Ever noticed how much lighting affects your interior design? Light can change how you perceive a room, highlight certain features of your home, and even add a sense of coziness to your spaces. A Lutron dealer can help you integrate innovative lighting control solutions where you can adjust the temperature, color, and intensity of your lights and incorporate the best motorized shades to easily manage natural lighting. 

Lutron offers a wide range of fabrics and materials, so you can customize your shades to your liking. Likewise, they provide a variety of elegant keypads that allow you to keep a modern style and avoid cluttering your walls with traditional light switches.

Enhance the Comfort of Every Room

Lighting is also a great tool to make your spaces more pleasant and inviting. Just imagine the last time you wanted to relax with a glass of wine and some good ol’ home entertainment. Would the experience be as enjoyable if you had bright fluorescent lights shining over you? Definitely not. With Lutron, you can adjust your lights and shades to provide the proper lighting for the occasion and make every experience at home more comfortable. 

For example, you can open the shades in your kitchen early in the morning to let in some soft sunlight while having breakfast. Later, as you work hard in your home office, you brighten your lights to stay focused and energized. Then at night, you close every motorized shade for enhanced privacy and bathe your spaces with dimmed amber light to promote relaxation. And you can do it all at the touch of a button! 

Go Green and Save the Planet

Everyone knows the importance of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle, but making it a reality at home can be challenging. Luckily, Lutron lighting and shading solutions help you diminish energy consumption while maintaining comfort, luxury, and convenience.

Lighting control, for example, allows you to manage your lights remotely to ensure they are never illuminating an empty house during the day and taking a toll on your electricity bill. 

On the other hand, your motorized shades are an amazing tool to keep your home at a pleasant temperature without relying entirely on your energy-consuming HVAC system. Saving the planet and your pocket has never been easier!

At The Sound Room, we are happy to help you elevate your living spaces with our innovative technologies. Are you ready to reach out to your local Lutron dealer? Contact us right here to learn more! 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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