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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Home Lighting Automation

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The Sound Room Answers Your Home Automated Lighting Faqs!

If you live in Chesterfield, MO, and you're considering lighting automation for your home, you've come to the right place! Upgrading your home automation only seems like a lengthy process, and we assure you the help of a professional makes a world of difference.

The Sound Room team wholly understands the many questions that come with the smart home technology topic. Keep reading to uncover expert answers and advice pertaining to advancing your home, primarily automated lighting. 

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The Lowdown on Automated Lighting

Lighting automation is a broad term that includes everything from dimming the lighting in one or two rooms to a system that controls an entire home’s interior and exterior lights. We generally refer to smart lighting, or lighting automation, as the ability to instantly control light settings to user preferences using an application or remote. 

In short, you can control all the lights inside and outside, turning them on and off or dimming them to your liking with the touch of a button. Well-executed lighting automation will also allow you to program your lights in advance, so they're on when you need them and off when you don't.

Let's get to the FAQs!

Can I still use my light switches if I have automated lighting?

This question might seem odd, but clients ask it often. Yes, you can still utilize your light switches if your lights are automated, and it will not interfere with your lighting schedule if they're pre-programmed. When we first install and set up lighting systems, it's common for homeowners to forget and flip a switch now and then!

What devices do I need for lighting automation?

Smart homes are like fingerprints; no two are the same. The devices you'll require for your lighting will depend on how advanced you'd like the system. However, we always utilize these pieces of equipment with every installation:

  1. A central control interface, which can be anything from your smartphone to a dedicated touchscreen
  2. Sensors to read data and communicate essential information
  3. Modular smart switches, so you can potentially multiply your lighting options

Regardless of your goal with lighting automation, The Sound Room will handle everything, from installation to maintenance.

What are the advantages of home lighting automation?

There are plenty of advantages to automating your lights, and it's extremely common for our clients to ask what those are. Here are a few undeniable perks of smart lighting!

  1. Cut electricity costs and save on your energy bill
  2. Keep your home safe and well-lit, even when you're not there
  3. Fully customize your home the way you want it
  4. Help you adapt to more environmentally friendly habits
  5. Create a cozy home with comfortable lighting for all

Discuss Your New Lighting System Today

At The Sound Room, we believe home automation is the future of living. Though automated lighting is luxurious, it's also efficient, taking an otherwise undesirable task and making it convenient and fun.


Contact us today if you're ready to explore your endless automation options. We can't wait to work with you!

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