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Analyzing the Outdoor TV Market and Brands in 2024


Outdoor television technology has come a long way in the past decade. Today’s outdoor TVs deliver high quality picture, streaming capabilities, and greater durability than ever before. In this article, we’ll help you learn more about the outdoor TV market and what you can expect from the top outdoor TV brands we sell at The Sound Room.  

What You Can Expect from All Outdoor TVs 

Weather Resistance: This is especially important in a climate like St. Louis’. The humidity is high. The temperatures can range from extremely cold to extremely hot. Outdoor TVs are built to stay outside and plugged in year-round. They have heating and cooling features that protect them from the elements and only work if the product is plugged in. You can even rinse them off with a hose and will experience no performance issues.   

Tailored Sound Solutions: Many outdoor TVs don’t come with an internal speaker. Why? Because broadcasting sound in an outdoor environment with a built-in television speaker is a tall task. Instead, outdoor TVs utilize sound solutions tailored to the environment they’re being used in. Many customers use a sound bar to project the sound directly to viewers. Others opt to use outdoor speakers mounted to their home or deck, or even hidden in their landscaping. You can direct your music as well as your TV sounds through the same speakers, depending on what media you’re using in a given situation.   

Protection from Pests: Customers are often surprised to learn bugs are the leading cause of failure for indoor TVs used outside. TVs make an attractive home for bugs. This can cause electrical shorts and even turn your television into a fire hazard. All outdoor TVs are built specifically to keep bugs out.  

Durability: You might think that any TV used outdoors, even if they’re built for it, can only last so long. But in all our years of installing outdoor TVs in the St. Louis area, we have only sold a select few that have needed to be replaced. These units have a reputation to holding up in even the harshest conditions.  

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4 Must-Have Tech Solutions for the Best Outdoor Entertainment System

A luxurious roofed outdoor area with a Sunbrite TV.

Create the Perfect Oasis for Fun and Relaxation in the Middle of Nature!

Everyone loves a good party. And now that the weather is warmer and friendlier, throwing an outdoor party is a great way to spend time with friends and family. However, to host the best backyard gatherings, you need a high-end outdoor entertainment system that takes music and fun to every corner of your outdoor spaces. 

In this article, we will dive into the technology solutions you just can’t miss if you want to create the best outdoor living space in the St Louis, MO, Metro area. Take a look!


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