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A few months ago, The Sound Room was approached by Make-A-Wish to help create a dream game room for Trevor. Trevor was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a baby. His family had little knowledge about the disease, and as a family, they have been doing everything they can to learn, understand and deal with the disease. Since a young age, Trevor has been hospitalized multiple times due to complications from the disease. He also has to complete 2 hours of breathing treatments each day just to stay healthy.

Trevor doesn’t let any of this get in his way of being a young, active boy. He makes time for what he loves, including playing sports and spending time with friends. Trevor’s says that even thought he has this disease, he should be treated the same way as everyone else. He is a brave kid who isn’t going to let anyone, or anything, get him down.

It was Trevor’s wish to have a game room in his basement to relax and hang out with his friends. Make-A-Wish teamed up with The Sound Room to help create the ultimate personalized game room, just in time for Trevor’s 16th birthday! It was a race around the clock to get this project completed in time, but seeing the smile on Trevor’s face made it worth it.

Trevor, his little sister Macy and his friends now have a complete gaming experience right in their home, with booming sound from the Sony HTXT1 Soundbar, and they can easily control all the electronics in the basement with a URC MX-780 Universal Remote Control. Trevor is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, so of course there are touches of the Cowboys throughout the basement, along with a mini fridge full of Pepsi. Teenagers fully caffeinated, sounds like a blast!

This game room was built for Trevor as a symbol of his strength and to provide a fun escape for him and his friends. After everything he has been through at such a young age, Trevor deserves this game room, a place for him to enjoy being a kid.

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Sony is a company that has gone from lens to living room, now delivering 4K into our homes. They not only create 4K content, master 4K content, replicate Blu-ray disks, manufacture Blu-ray players, but also build a projector that is designed to play native 4K materials.

We are hosting an exclusive Sony 4K Laser Projector Showing of the VPL-VW500ES! This is the World’s Most Advanced 4K Home Theater Projector.

We will have the Sony VPL-VW500ES on hand for 3 days only, May 12th, 13th and 14th at The Sound Room! Here are some specifics on this elite projector.

Featuring Breathtaking Picture Quality

  • Native 4K Resolution
  • High Brightness
  • Super High Contrast
  • HDR Compatible
  • Reality Creation 4K Upscaling
  • Wide Color Space
  • Motionflow

This Sony projector greatly reduces screen door effect and “jaggies” for a truly immersive experience that you will never forget. You can enjoy bright, crisp images, even in a brightly lit room. You will get the best possible images! It also features Motionflow, which makes motion much smoother, bringing the thrill of watching a fast-paced, action film to the home.

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New and now in stores is the Sony Ultra Thin Android Panel HD TV! As you might have seen on our Facebook and Twitter, we are pretty excited about this beauty. In fact, we were the first retailer in the midwest to have one on display! Now, take that picture of what you imagine how thin a 4K television could be and throw it out the window. Sony has released their latest creation that goes beyond even your wildest expectations. This Ultra Thin HD TV is thinner than a smart phone, just take a look at this photo.

Sony created a beautiful TV with simple elegance and a minimalistic feel.

The 4K Ultra HD is four times the resolution of a full HD 1080p. You have to see this TV in person to truly appreciate the quality and resolution. The Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs are ready for the future of 4K entertainment, including upcoming 4K streaming video services like Netflix.

More Brilliant Expanded Color

Sony has a unique capability called TRILUMINOS display technology, which creates incredibly true, natural shades of colors the way you want and expect to see them. Landscapes and seascapes look more vivid and realistic, taking you away on a true experience. The new TRILUMINOS display gives images a heightened sense of depth that you are sure to love.

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Think lead paint doesn’t affect your business? Think again.

An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule to protect children from lead exposure mandates that all renovation and repair contractors working in pre-1978 homes, schools, and day care centers who disrupt more than six square feet of lead paint are required to become EPA Certified in lead-safe work practices. Renovation contractors are required to take a one-day training course and firms must send a short application to the EPA. If not, they could face thousands of dollars in fines, and – even worst – be responsible for harming their customers.

Research shows that renovation contractors like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters and window replacement experts can inadvertently expose children to harmful levels of lead from invisible dust disturbed during jobs they perform every day.

Renovation contracting firms must register with the EPA and pay a fee to become an EPA Lead-Safe Certified firm. In addition, individual renovation contractors that will be doing the work or repairs must take a one-day training course from an EPA-accredited training provider to become a certified renovator. EPA certification for both firms and individuals is good for five years. Re-certification will be required beginning in early 2015 for many renovation firms and individual renovators.

“Getting lead-safe certified is the right thing to do for renovation contractors, their customers, and their employees, and especially for children who spend time in or near spaces that are being renovated,” said Jim Jones, Assistant Administrator of the EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.

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