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By Tony Vieira

A wise man once said, “It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” You know, I have to agree. While I am always impressed with the groundbreaking technology designs our technicians create and implement, I tend to gravitate towards projects that showcase our company values such as honesty and quality.

Recently, we were called to gentleman’s home who was looking to overhaul his home entertainment system. While evaluating the site and existing technology, we stumbled upon a startling discovery. The system was wired extremely poorly, making it very difficult to add new components.

To remain true to our mission of providing superior products and advice, we proposed a wire-manage of all the low-voltage components.

As you can see below, the before and after picture are quite amazing.

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When you hear the term home automation, do words such as accessibility and affordability come to mind? Well, they should now! Once a luxury, home automation is now becoming a way of life for millions of American families.

At The Sound Room, we have been embracing the home automation movement for years—elevating home technology for hundreds of St. Louis families. The benefits of a fully integrated home range from HVAC control to security and lighting control—all powerful enough to transform your at-home living experience.

Let’s begin with safety. Integrating your home with a fully automated home security system will not only greatly reduce the risk of unwanted intrusions, but will also allow you to check on your home while you are away. Features such as video surveillance, automated locks and motion sensors will make your home the safest on the block.

Affordable home automation also pays dividends in reduced worry for families with children. A system installed by our home security division, Sound Security, allows the homeowner to check on their family from a Smartphone or tablet device remotely.

In addition to 24/7 video surveillance, the homeowner will also be afforded the power to lock doors with their Smartphone—no matter where they are. The way it works is quite simple: Your system allows you to remotely lock and unlock your doors so you can let people in without giving them a key or a code. You can also receive e-mail or text messages to your Smartphone every time someone unlocks or locks your door, giving you the peace of mind that your home is secure at all times.

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Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the passing of our dear friend, Mike Smith. Mike was an amazing person, spreading joy and happiness into the lives of those he touched.

Aside from his kind spirit, Mike was also a valuable member of The Sound Room team, leaving a void that will be very difficult to fill.

We will remember a man of great integrity, kindness and commitment.

On Saturday, January 11th, there will be a visitation at Kutis Funeral Home in Affton (10151 Gravois Rd.) from 10:30AM to 2:30PM. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to a charity of your choice. Some of Mike’s favorite organizations include: The Humane Society, Autism Speaks and the Alzheimer’s Association.

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