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We love when we hear from clients, and we love it even more when we hear how happy they and their families are with their new systems. Aaron Blake recently worked on a project and heard from a client with such great feedback that we wanted to share. Often time’s people are scared of upgrading their equipment because of either the cost, or they feel they won’t know how to work it. We’re here to tell you that this is not the case! Here is Aaron’s rundown of a recent project with a very satisfied client.


Our client had a very old home theater in Wildwood with a projector that had no digital connectivity and the old square format screen. While they were happy with the sound, the only person who knew how to use it was the husband. He is often out of town traveling for work, so if he wasn’t home…his wife and granddaughter couldn’t use the theater. There was also the issue of their Wi-Fi system being very weak in the areas where they like to hang out.

We took into account their current set up and what they needed to not only have a more reliable home theater, but one that the whole family could enjoy. What we did was replace their screen and projector with a modern HD aspect ratio screen and Sony projector. To make more room in the theater and clean up the wires, we relocated all the equipment into an AV rack on the other side of the wall in an unfinished area. It instantly improved the look of the room. We also set up a Control4 system with lighting control for the theater, which reduced the remotes down to one unit with one touch access to all sources. With one remote, the whole family can use, and enjoy, the home theater!

Client Testimonial:

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